Angari Holding Company was founded by Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Angari (may Allah have mercy on him) in 1956 under the name of (projects and trade company) to be one of the first general contracting companies in the region, which has set itself a clear vision based on technical expertise and human capital, coupled with hard work and diligent and abundance resources and commitment to integrated and honest work. The fruit of that company has become today in the ranks of the leading general contracting and maintenance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to its specialization in the field of general contracting, Angari Holding Company supports its business through a woodworking factory which is one of the largest factories in the UK where the factory with the latest machinery and technology to produce a wide range of products to support their own projects as well as other construction and individual companies.

Company headquarters is located in Jeddah with offices in both Riyadh and Medina. The company is carrying out construction and maintenance, which include buildings, airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, mechanical and electrical works as well as water and sanitation projects.


The company has been keen since its inception to maintain its reputation and prestige that has struggled to achieve as well as excellence in their work and witness so access to the highest levels of classification issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs as Angari company currently classified in the first degree in the field of public buildings, water projects and sanitation Contracting health and maintenance work, as they are also classified in the areas of roads, dams and electrical work.

In addition to the main activity in the areas of general contracting and wood industries, the company has established departments and sections specialized in trading of construction and property development and investment materials.